Project description


The Female Livelihood Project is an initiative of MEV and SSA to improve the socio-economic well-being of poor and vulnerable women in Mubaya village. The project will provide the women with initial capital to jointly implement an indigenous chicken project. It will also enable them to apply the principles of permaculture and entrepreneurship in implementing the chicken project and acquire knowledge and skills in handling financial matters.

The aim is that the indigenous chicken project will enable the women’s group to generate income that they can save and use to provide affordable loans to members and share the profits at the end of their savings cycle.

The project focuses exclusively on women as they represent a group of people at risk of poverty, food insecurity and livelihood insecurity due to limited access to and control over productive resources, discriminatory gender norms and insufficient agency and skills to cope with the impacts of climate change. By focusing on women, the project will contribute to the achievement of Goal 5 of the UN Sustainable Development Programme (SDG 5) “Gender equality and empowerment of women and girls”.



  • Training of the members of the pilot group in permaculture and in the application of permaculture principles and entrepreneurship in the keeping of indigenous chickens
  • Training of the pilot group members in financial matters, self-reliance and personal empowerment as well as in the management of a savings and credit cooperative
  • Provision of initial capital for the pilot group to carry out a joint project on keeping indigenous chickens

Target group(s):

The pilot phase of the project targets 18 needy women from the village. The group will pioneer the innovative idea of integrating permaculture into income-generating projects and linking the activity to a savings and credit cooperative to improve livelihoods and reduce poverty and further vulnerabilities.

Expected results:

  • The women cover the financial needs of their families and households through the income from the chicken project and the savings and credit activities
  • Improving livelihoods and food security
  • Increased resistance
  • Reducing vulnerability to poverty
  • Strengthening cohesion, solidarity and “fraternity” among the women of the village
  • Exercise of independence and self-determination

Main activities:

  • Founding Assembly
  • Construction of the chicken coop and other infrastructure
  • Conducting training workshops
  • Implementation of the proposed activities
  • Project review, monitoring and evaluation

More information:

Project titel Mubaya Ecovillage Female Livelihood Project
Applicant organisatin
  • Mubaya Eco-Village (MEV), Zvimba District, Zimbabwe
  • Support Association Muabaya Ecovillage (SSA), Biel, Switzerland
Location Mubaya Dorf in Murombedzi, Zvimba District in Zimbabwe
Duration Twelve (12) months pilot phase from November 2022 to October 2023
Amount requested 10’000 USD

Donate to:

Support Association Mubaya Ecovillage, Beundenweg 52 2503 Biel