Project for the livelihood of women

The goal is to create a platform for women to learn various skills and share knowledge about permaculture and the delivery of environmental education in the community, as well as to achieve financial independence and overcome financial challenges of their households. In a pilot project, a group of about 20 women who aim to keep chickens and sell their ones and meat will first be trained in different areas (for example, entrepreneurship, finance, permaculture).


Construction of eco-buildings

After several years of concentration on the basic needs (foremost water and improvement of the soil), the showcase farm now intends to start the construction of several buildings (initially in 2020 buildings for animal keeping and composting toilets have been made). The required material is produced as far as possible by the residents (sun-dried bricks, PET bottles).

Attached is an example of a rabbit building.


Use of Medicinal Herbs

After attending a medicinal herbs seminar in Cameroon in 2017, Cathrine Mubaya planted a herb garden, followed by a workshop in 2019 so that more people could gain knowledge about the use of medicinal plants. Now, products for personal use and sales of for example toothpaste, soap or skin loations, will be made.